Red Globe Press Counselling Skills in Everyday Life

Most of us find ourselves listening to other people's problems at some time or another either friends' or, in course of work, patients, pupils, clients, colleagues. This book, written clearly in user friendly language, takes read


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Scarecrow Press Guide to Library User Needs Assessment for Integrated

Applicable for all types of libraries. Needs assessment can be defined as the process of using one or more techniques to collect and analyze data on library users or potential users. The guide includes methodology carrying o


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David Fulton Publishers An A to Z Practical Guide to Emotional and Behavioural

The aim of this practical and user friendly A to Z handbook is to enable the interested reader to gain quick easy access to entries relating to or associated with emotional behavioral difficulties. It focuses on adult problems as well as t


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Elsevier Essentials of Radiology

Ideal for radiology residents and medical students, as well as anyone who reads or orders imaging studies, this user friendly reference covers the basics of how to approach, read, interpret radiological images. Using


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Routledge Making Dyslexia Work for You

Written for dyslexic adults or anyone who thinks they might be dyslexic, this bold and imaginative book is deliberately concise easy to dip into. User friendly, essential guide to world of study work w


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MSW Évaseur tuyau de frein HFT 01

L’évaseur de tuyau : un outil pour renouveler les conduites de frein Les de freins sont l’une des composantes plus importantes d’un véhicule et il est essentiel qu’elles fonctionnent de manière fiable. Or, avec le temps, même tuyaux mieux fixés finissent par s’user sous l’effet d’éléments externes tels que le contact sels de déglaçage agressifs ou d’autres facteurs environnementaux. Ce kit d’évasement vous donne la possibilité


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Routledge Involving Service Users in Health and Social Care Research

Service user involvement in research can range from the extremes of being subject, to initiator or investigator, of a study. The activity of professional researcher also person undertaking re


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I.B.Tauris Transparency in Politics and the Media

Increasingly governments around the world are experimenting with initiatives in transparency or 'open government'. These involve a variety of measures including announcement of more user friendly websites, greater access to


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Springer The Drug User

The personality of the individuals who use a variety of sub stances, singly or in combination, which are legal or illegal in status, for non medical reasons, has been of interest and concern to a of intervention agents groups many


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Demos Health What Nurses Know. Gluten Free Lifestyle

User friendly, evidence based advice for living a healthy gluten free lifestyle. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with celiac disease or a sensitivity or allergy to gluten, What Nurses Know: Gluten Free Lifestyle provide


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